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Demographics and Data for Merrimack Valley Communities

To support a number of community projects and strategy development, the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission (MVPC) gathers, houses, and disseminates demographics and data from a variety of sources. From U.S. Census Bureau data to population estimates, MVPC collects, analyzes, and shares that data, making it easier for communities in the Merrimack Valley Region to make informed decisions based on dependable sources.

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jobs trends in 2015 through 2016Labor Force, Unemployment Trends, Wage Statistics

Data from the The United States Census Bureau, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, etc. are all important sources of information our customers utilize.

Below please find the most up-to-date data on all of these topics.

Click here to access the U.S. Census Bureau American Factfinder database.

Click HERE to view Merrimack Valley Labor Force and Unemployment Data Statistics

Click here to view the most recent Lower Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment Area Employment and Unemployment Rates from the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

Click here to download the Merrimack Valley population, employment, and household forecast out to 2035 from the 2012 Merrimack Valley Regional Transportation Plan.

Click HERE to see the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages for Essex County, Broken Down by NAICS 4 Digit Industries

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Gateway Cities Data Profiles

Below you will find Data Profiles for the 3 Gateway Cities of the communities we serve including Haverhill, Lawrence and Methuen.   These detailed reports, prepared by the Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise of Clark University contain the following vital statistics:    statistics on population, employment (2014), 5 largest employers, 5 largest industries, educational attainment, distribution of households by income class, unemployment rate, housing market indicators, education, MCAS scores from 2014, mortality and health, civic engagement, non-profits, etc.

Data Profile of Haverhill as a Gateway City
Data Profile of Lawrence as a Gateway City
Data Profile of Methuen as a Gateway City


Community Population Projections for the Merrimack Valley Region
2020, 2030 and 2040
Community 2000 2010 2020 2030 2040
AMESBURY 16,450        16,283         16,421        16,402        17,290
ANDOVER 31,247        33,201         34,470        36,507        37,687
BOXFORD 7,921          7,965           7,440          7,183          7,758
GEORGETOWN 7,377          8,183           8,713          9,354          9,442
GROVELAND 6,038          6,459           6,833          7,283          7,572
HAVERHILL 58,969        60,879         64,457        67,593        69,095
LAWRENCE 72,043        76,377         82,767        89,029        88,691
MERRIMAC 6,138          6,338           6,279          6,340          6,587
METHUEN 43,789        47,255         52,383        58,161        58,094
NEWBURY 6,717          6,666           6,446          6,171          6,680
NEWBURYPORT 17,189        17,416         17,474        17,375        18,673
NORTH ANDOVER 27,202        28,352         29,453        30,747        32,045
ROWLEY 5,500          5,856           6,166          6,465          6,638
SALISBURY 7,827          8,283           8,609          8,813          9,115
WEST NEWBURY 4,149          4,235           4,141          4,075          4,341
Merrimack Valley total 318,556 333,748 352,051 371,498 379,708

Source:  UMass Donahue Institute, MassDOT and MAPC