Save money with the C-PACE Program

In August 2016, Massachusetts passed the ACT TO PROMOTE ENERGY DIVERSITY, which established a Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) Program. C-PACE is an assessment-based financing mechanism for energy improvements, such as energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy, and extensions of existing natural gas distribution to a property. To finance improvements, a property owner agrees to a betterment assessment on their property, and the assessment repays the financing. This approach enables owners to undertake more comprehensive energy upgrades with payback periods of up to 20 years. Your city or town has to opt into the program. At that time, local commercial, industrial and multi-family property owners are eligible to submit projects for C-PACE funding. For more information about the C-PACE Program, please call MVPC at 978-374-0519, x 28 or email Angela Vincent, AICP at